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No complexity to use, download a single binary for all operating systems (and architectures). You can also extend and write your own endpoints as you would using one framework, gaining all existing endpoints for free.

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JWT Auth (Secure)

Add the JWT Authentication Middleware to implement authentication using JSON Web Token. This middleware will process the authorization header, check if there is a JSON Web Token in it, and if it is, create the user identity and claims based on the content of JWT.


Migrations are pREST's way of propagating changes you make to your tables (adding a field, deleting a table, etc.) into your database schema.

Queries (SQL Script)

If need perform an advanced SQL, you can write some scripts SQL and access them by REST. These scripts are templates where you can pass by URL, values to them. With possibility to add script in your version control, if you prefer to use function and visualization (loved by DBAs, but not by engineers)

Built-in Restrict Permissions

Set read, write and update permissions on your tables, not needing to open 100% of your database as API and hide sensitive fields (example password field).

What is pREST

software that was born open-source in November 2016, to speed up the work of providing fast, easy, and secure data access via a RESTful interface and since then many developers have used pREST to build their data layer for modern applications.

At pREST, we are on a mission to make the process of new business development faster by making data access fast, secure and scalable. We want to reach a world where access to large volumes of data is simple without complex software development!

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